Sunrise Projects Ltd. - Safety

Since our establishment in 1998, Sunrise Projects Ltd. has placed a large emphasis on occupational health and safety. We have taken the steps to construct our own 'Occupational Health and Safety' manual which outlines the key principles to our safety program.

Before commencing work on any of our construction sites, all employees and sub-contractors are required to do an on-site safety orientation specific to that particular job. This allows everyone to become familiar with procedures that may be different from a previous site. Once we have established the initial safety guidelines for a job site, there are bi-weekly safety discussions which bring up new topics that are directly related to the particular site. We then require all employees and sub-contractors to verify they attended the meeting through a sign-in system.

At Sunrise Projects Ltd. we recognize that our employees are our most important asset and without them we would not be able to complete our work. We are very passionate about ensuring the safety of all workers that enter our job sites. Safety is something that is deeply embedded in our company culture and will continue to be for years to come.